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Atactic Polypropylene

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Resin Type:

Atactic fraction from production of polypropylene homopolymer


  • Hydro-insulate coatings
  • Insulation materials in construstion industry
  • Adhesive resins
  • Anti-corrosion systems for oil, gas and water pipelines
  • Extender in rubber industry
  • Resin Type:

    HIPOLEN AP is amorphous polymer with excellent resistance to aqueous solutions of inorganic salts, as well as to almost all organic acids and bases. At elevated temperatures this resin is soluble in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, like n-heptane and toluene, but in lower molecular solvents its solubility is negligible. Oxpdizing agents, such as halogens, concentrated nitric and sulphuric acid, attack and decompose atactic polypropylene at ambient temperatures. This resin is compatible with various inorganic fillers, elastomers, waxes, bitumens and rubbers. This compatibility enables input of HIPOLEN AP as component in many technical applications.

    Packaging and Storage:

    HIPOLEN AP is shipped in blocks with an approximate weight 5 – 20kg, which are set on wood pallets and overwrapped with thermo-shrink film. Pallet net weight is approximately 1000 –1500kg.

    Pallets with atactic polypropylene can be stored in opened storage areas at air temperatures, protected from direct sunlight and heat sources. Atactic polypropylene is combustible polymer and regular fire-fighting measures should be taken in storage areas. Usual stock control should be organized if large quantities of atactic polypropylene are stored.

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